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Ohio Stands Up

We’ve come a long way.

We’ve been busy advocating for the freedom of health. Help us maintain the resources needed to continue this cause. Remember, it takes all of us to stand up to medical persecution.

We’ve defended over:
30,000 Nurses
2,500 Students
2,000 Employees
Organized over 60 attorneys Ohio, US, Worldwide.

We’ve taken:
5 Federal Court Cases
7 State Court Cases
Approximately 70 Employment Cases

An in-depth look at our cases.

Highland Tavern v. State of Ohio Liquor Control | State Court

Summary: We challenged the power asserted by the State of Ohio to force bars to close early.

Results: Accepted for argument at the Ohio Supreme Court.

State of Ohio v. Lisa Carine | State Court

Summary: Criminal charge for violating quarantine. Dismissed by the judge for improper quarantine order.

Results: Client innocent.

Pfizer. Federal False Claims Act.

Summary: In Pfizer’s rush to be the first, it failed to address violations that compromised its entire clinical trial, including those raised by Relator. This resulted in Pfizer withholding material information from the United States, and submitting false data and records in its clinical trial results.

Results: Ongoing.

Shortridge v. Centrus Energy, Fluor BWXT Portsmouth, LLC, Mid-America Conversion Services, LLC, and Portsmouth Mission Alliance, LLC. | Federal Court

Summary: We claimed the federal government incentivized or coerced the companies. We claim title VII violations as well. We discovered millions in incentives to vaccinate.

Results: 3 companies backed down. Saved 170 jobs. Millions in incentives were withdrawn after the lawsuit was filed. Still awaiting a decision on the final holdout company.

Reviewing many vaccine injury cases.
Bobay v. Wright State | Federal Court

Summary: Represented a doctor with residency at Kettering Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Plaintiff has a fundamental right under Article I, Section 1, of the Ohio Constitution to refuse medical treatment to protect the liberties of personal security, bodily integrity and autonomy. Steele v. Hamilton Cty. Community Mental Health Bd., 90 Ohio St. 3d 176, 180-181 (2000). Under O.R.C. 3792.04, a state institution of higher education may not require a vaccine for which the FDA has not granted full approval and may not discriminate against an individual who has not received such vaccine.

Results: Restraining Order was granted one day after filing. Currently arguing attorney fee issues.

Miami University | State Court

Summary: Represented faculty and students mandated to take vaccine or engage in mask wearing and testing. Alleged discrimination under R.C. 3792.04, coercion, and violation of Section 1, Article 1 of the Ohio Constitution.

Results: The University backed down and the judge ruled the case moot. Currently on appeal.

University of Cincinnati, Bowling Green University, Ohio University. | State Court

Summary: All alleged discrimination under R.C. 3792.04, coercion, and violation of Section 1, Article 1 of the Ohio Constitution.

Results:Results: Courts found moot because mandates were withdrawn and questioned standing. Appeals are pending.

Three school district lawsuits: Maumee, Hudson, Perrysburg | All State Courts

Summary: We alleged coercion, health freedom under the Ohio Constitution. R.C. 3792.04 Prohibits the District from discriminating against an individual who has not received a vaccine for which the United States food and drug administration (“FDA”) has not granted full approval.

Results: All currently pending. Perrysburg is set for trial 9-28-2022.

Assistance to Stanford Students.

Summary: 2,500 organized. Worked with Jay Bhattacharya on 3rd shot mandate. Stanford granted exemptions.

Results: Letter printed by client Diogo Pinto Leite de Braganca in Time Magazine.

Assistance to No More College Mandates group

Summary: Ongoing Advice to hundreds of parents, signed a letter distributed to private and public colleges.

Results: Resistance strategies being implemented; raised awareness of the role of federal money driving mandates.

Assistance with exemptions.

Summary: Approximately one hundred cases.

Results: Every student we assisted with a religious exemption got one granted. Most employees we assisted with religious exemptions were granted.

Assistance to parents at public school districts.

Results: Ten backed off mask mandates.

Assistance to parents at private schools.

Results: All private schools backed down before suit.

David Ciraci, et al. v The J.M. Smucker Company. | Federal Court

Summary: Private company instituted vaccine mandates. We represented 20 Smuckers managers in EEOC and unemployment hearings.

Results: Smuckers did not mandate vaccines for 2,000 floor workers. Case is currently on appeal asserting state actor doctrine.

Unemployment Administrative Appeals

Summary: Approximately 30 cases. Employers are claiming voluntary resignation or firing for just cause. We are arguing they did not voluntarily leave when they refuse the shots and/or there was no just cause for firing.

Results: Won 5 cases, lost 1. Others are pending.

Title VII employment cases for individuals.

Summary: Approximately 70 cases.

Results: Pending.

PPP false claims act lawsuits under seal.
SBA lawsuits under seal.
Children’s Hospital | Federal Court

Summary: Violation of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Coercion by federal government through the CMS Mandates.

Results: Currently on appeal to the Federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Assistance organizing medical workers.

Summary: About 31,000 nurses at Ohio Health, Cleveland Metro, Cleveland Clinic against the mandates.

Results: Hospitals backed down and granted exemptions to keep functioning.

Chris Rake. UCLA Medical Center.

Hospital mistreatment, Death, Two cases.
Assisted in Freedom of Health Ohio Constitutional Amendment.
Section 22: Medical Right to Refuse
(A) An individual’s right to refuse any medical procedure, treatment, injection, vaccine, prophylactic, pharmaceutical, or medical device shall be absolute.
(B) No law, rule, regulation, person, employer, entity, or healthcare provider shall require, mandate, or coerce any person to receive or use a medical procedure, treatment, injection, vaccine, prophylactic, pharmaceutical, or medical device nor shall the aforementioned discriminate against the individual who exercises this right.

(C) No other provision of the Ohio Constitution shall impair or limit the rights contained herein

We have also assisted writing legislation HB 631, launched, and currently consulting candidates and citizen groups regarding removal of public officials.

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